Blogfoolk (translated from Italian)

Best known for having written "Unchained", made famous by the superb interpretation of Johnny Cash for his American Recordings with Rick Rubin, Jude Johnstone is one of those American songwriters, who despite having been shown to have talent to spare, has failed to break through to the level of commercial success, and in her case , everything is heightened because so many of her colleagues as Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt have often resorted to her pen. Sorry, so, you know beforehand that his new album " Shatter", a record so valuable as vibrant in telling highly personal themes such as the loss and the end of a couple, both destined to remain in the shadows. Her writing that refers to the best American singer-songwriter tradition , the bride in his plots at night , and almost suffered, the tones of blues and gospel, as demonstrated by the title track that opens the disc . And what about the sinuous "What a Fool" or the beautiful "Halfway Home" and "The Underground Man" with the trumpet of Dan Savant to embellish the melodic line, or the raw "Alcohol" which comes straight from her best compositions. Songs are heard, touching, profound, as is revealed in her more romantic side in the final "Your Side of the Bed." For those who liked the previous albums "Blue Light" and "Mr. Sun", this new album will certainly be a nice surprise , showing the Johnstone at the top of her career as a songwriter, even when diverting the path leads us to the paths of pop rock with "When Does Love Get Easier" or the New Orleans Jazz with "Touchdown Jesus".